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Hi everyone!

How's everyone doing? Hopefully well. It's been a year since I closed this website and I just reopened it. 2023 was one crazy year. There have been a lot of ups and downs last year and I want 2024 to be a great year. Last year a lot has happened in my personal life and also in my business life. I won't go into detail in my personal life but for my business life, I wasn't making it. I started to question if I should continue.

Last year in July, I opened a TikTok shop and it was doing well. I had made $200 in two months and I only made $100 on Etsy which I've been on Etsy for 2 years. It was going very well until I realized my tax information was incorrect and I wasn't able to fix it. It took three months to talk to multiple representatives and finally they just told me to just close the shop and reopen it. I closed the shop but we'll see if I reopen it.

I'm not a big fan of the settlement timeframe on TikTok, I understand it's good for the customer to make sure they actually received the products. I'm also not a big fan where I wasn't able to see the customer information until I printed the labels as well. Besides those situations, I enjoyed having orders everyday. It was one of the best experiences to just pack orders everyday. It's my dream to just pack orders and know that I will make a difference in helping people achieve their goals. My little family was very happy to know that my business was going somewhere. I really have great support from them, especially my husband. Truly appreciate him.

Eventually this business will be successful. I know it takes time. My goal is to try to be more out there and create more content. It's been a while since I've made a YouTube video and I would like to go back to making more videos eventually. It's been hard to create cash stuffing content when money keeps coming and going within seconds.

I launched a couple of things last year and eventually launched some more later this year. Stay tuned when I launch some products out. I have a lot of ideas and hopefully all goes well. I'll end this blog post here. Hopefully everyone is doing great! Take care! Stay safe and healthy. Remember you can achieve anything by just keeping it simple.